Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

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We’re looking for a committed Christian leader with a passion for discipling young people with the gospel. The ideal candidate is an experienced or emerging leader who can relate well with children, youth, parents, and adult volunteers.

This role will require a candidate with demonstrated experience equipping children, youth and/or young adults


• Under the guidance of the Pastor, lead the church’s efforts to minister with and to children, youth and young adults.
• Reach out to unchurched children, youth and young adults in the community, engage them with the gospel, and involve them in the work of the church.
• Recruit, develop, and deploy new volunteers for Family Ministries.
• In consultation with the Executive Director and the Leadership Team, develop an annual budget for Family Ministries and operate within the constraints of that budget.
• Develop a Bible teaching calendar that takes into consideration the full counsel of God’s Word and the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs of the children, youth and young adults in our community.
• Regularly teach the Bible with conviction, compassion, and care.
• Lead efforts to minister to the parenting needs of the church body.
• Participate in general pastoral duties as needed.
• Establish a long-term vision for how the church engages youth.
• Develop and execute a strategic plan for Family Ministries.
• Regularly report to the church’s leadership about developments in this ministry.
• Oversee all Family Ministries retreats/gathering
• Regularly lead the children, youth and young adults in short-term missions experiences (alternating between Church Family, Community, and Global).
• Work with other church leaders to find ministry opportunities for youth and young adults in the broader church family.
• Participate in staff meetings.

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